About Maui Resources

Maui Resources is a website for people who want to travel to Maui and learn about all the best places to visit. The online community allows you to engage with others people who have recently visited the island and share stories and tips!

How Maui Resources got Started

Have you ever been on a vacation and felt you didn't experience it to the full potential because you didn't have enough information about the area?

Me too.. I have been on countless vacations where it felt I was missing the local element. You know.. be able to do what the locals like to do and feel safe doing it.

I love Maui, and have been there many times on vacation. But I wanted to get out of the tourist areas and experience the island as if I was a local and do the fun things that locals do.

  • Eat at the best local restaurants
  • Hang out at the best local beaches
  • Surf the best waves the locals like to

Then head back to my nice comfy hotel to order room service and drink some bubbly!

So I started talking to the locals to see what they like to do for fun and quickly realized that there were other tourists who were starving for this 'insider knowledge' on the best places in Maui.

and MauiResources.com is born!

I build this website because I want to share my knowledge with others and create a network of awesome people to share tips with.

The online community is totally fabulous because you can connect with others and share magical Maui stories!

What are you waiting for!? Join the community already!

Peyton J. Paige